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TMRC 2021 Virtual Platform

  • TMRC 2021 is running virtually using the Pheedloop platform (
  • Please note that the official conference registration site (TMRC 2021 Registration) is not through Pheedloop.
  • All TMRC 2021 registered users are provided credentials to sign into the Pheedloop virtual event platform. This will be done via the email provided in the registration as registrations take place.
  • Folks registering through the official conference site (TMRC 2021 Registration) once the conference has started, will be provided Pheedloop credentials on a timely basis. Unfortunately, this process is not fully automated so we will make every effort to frequently monitor the registration status and issue Pheedloop log-in credentials throughout the development of the conference.
  •  Once registered for the conference, should you need assistance for accessing the Pheedloop virtual site for TMRC 2021, please contact Chloë Mattingly ( 

For more information regarding attending sessions in the virtual platform, please click here.

Joining the TMRC 2021 Virtual Platform:
After registering for the conference, with the log-in credentials we will email you, you will need to open your browser and go to

The welcoming screen will look like this:


You will need to input the email address you used to register, and the password provided by us via email in the corresponding fields.

Once in, the TMRC2021 Virtual Portal will look like this:


You will be able to join live sessions and also listen to on-demand recordings of the talks at your convenience. Many talks are already available at the start of the conference (pre-recorded), and some will become available after the live sessions are completed.

Please note that the virtual portal will remain open for a few weeks after the official end of the conference.