Carnegie Mellon University

Data Storage Systems Center

College of Engineering

Keynote Speaker: Aaron Ogus - Azure Core Storage


Storing Zettabytes per year, the never ending growth of Cloud Data Storage

Tuesday, August 17, 2021
6:00-7:00pm EDT (3:00-4:00pm PDT)

Bio: Aaron is a Distinguished Engineer working in the Microsoft Azure Core Team. He works (with many others) on optimizing the co-design of Hardware and Software for Azure Storage, Compute and Networking. Aaron has been working on Azure Storage since its inception in 2008 and has helped Microsoft optimize storage design and deployment, and has worked with industry partners to optimize components, servers and switch designs for the cloud. Aaron has helped influence the evolution of Network Switches, SSDs, HDDs and Archival Systems for Cloud deployment.

Aaron started at Microsoft in 1991, and before Azure worked on a few notable projects, including Windows 95, DirectX, XBOX and Forza Motorsport.

Aaron has a regional SCCA racing championship in Formula Mazda, which was instrumental in helping make Forza the highest grossing racing franchise on XBOX.

Aaron also plays a little poker from time to time. He finished second in a World Poker Tour Tournament at a Televised Final Table.