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Pre-recorded Talk Upload


  1. We are asking all speakers to submit a pre-recorded talk into our website by August 9th.  Speakers will have the opportunity to also deliver their presentation in a live manner by Zoom during the conference. However, since we will have parallel sessions and attendees participating from many different time zones, we want to make these recording available, on demand, in case participants could not attend the talks at the time and date specified in the program.
  2. In the event that a pre-recorded talk is not available and the speaker is delivering a “live” presentation, we intend to record said live presentation in Zoom and make it available thereafter during the duration of the conference.
  3. If a presenter has not submitted a pre-recorded talk and will deliver his/her presentation live does not wish the presentation to be recorded, such request needs to be communicated explicitly to the Session Chair prior to the start of the session

The instructions for preparing the pre-recorded video talk can be found here.

Please upload your pre-recorded talks (mp4 file) by August 9th using this link.

Please note that you need to be logged into your google account to upload your video talk using the above link. So if you do not have a google account, please create one as described here.