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The DSSC receives financial support from the members of its industrial consortium, and provides a number of benefits to its sponsors. Sponsoring members are given the opportunity to provide guidance to the research agenda for the Center, interact with faculty and students and provide feedback on the relevance and impact of the Center’s research program. Sponsors often provide internship opportunities for Center students and are afforded extended interactions with students during their graduate training. Industrial reviews of the Center’s research program are provided to sponsors twice a year by faculty and students – during Fall at the Pittsburgh Campus of Carnegie Mellon and during Spring at the Silicon Valley Campus (Mountain View). In some cases, sponsors receive royalty free access to some or all of the Center’s intellectual property.

Anyone interested in the terms and benefits of membership should contact for a membership prospectus and to schedule some discussion with Center leadership.

The DSSC website provides content that is restricted to members of Center sponsor companies. This includes detailed research descriptions, student profiles, graduation dates and project descriptions, and slides/video from Center research reviews. Access to this restricted content is afforded by requesting a DSSC account as described below.

Request your DSSC account

DSSC sponsors can request an account through CMU to access protected DSSC material, as well as other university benefits including a CMU email account and campus wifi access.

Click here to request your account.

Once submitted, you will be contacted with more information about your account. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing. If you have any questions, please contact Jim Bain at

Note: CMU refers to these accounts as "Sponsored Accounts." You can learn more about CMU Sponsored Accounts here.