Carnegie Mellon University

Data Storage Systems Center

College of Engineering


The Data Storage Systems Center at Carnegie Mellon University is a world-leading academic research institution in data storage technology.

Our research program focuses on magnetic data storage technology for hard disk drive application as well as emerging solid-state memory technologies. Our industrial affiliates program includes virtually all the hard disk drive companies worldwide as well as solid-state memory companies. Our faculty and graduate students innovate across disciplinary boundaries through research that combines academic merit with technological impact. Our research-based graduate education program has produced over 300 highly qualified graduates, many of whom are serving in leadership positions within industry and as faculty members in academia.

With many DSSC inventions utilized in current commercial products and others awaiting deployment, researchers at DSSC have been making continuing impact in hard disk drive and solid state memory technologies. Ultimately, the success of DSSC, past and present, is built on a culture of innovation and collaboration between academia and industry, and is fueled by high quality research and education.