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Chengchao Xu

Chengchao Xu

PhD Student (2nd year), Electrical and Computer Engineering

Address 5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Chengchao Xu is a second-year Ph.D. student in the DSSC at ECE department, advised by Prof. Jimmy Zhu and Prof. David Laughlin. He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Tongji University and an M.S. in Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Chengchao’s research focuses on the HAMR(heat-assisted magnetic recording) media material, including the fabrication method for granular FePt-L10 media, the atomistic modeling of thin film growth and advanced TEM techniques including atomic resolution STEM analysis. He's also interested in the development of novel directed self-assembly patterning methods using colloidal nanoparticles.

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Fabrication of Tall Grain HAMR Media (DSSC 2021 Fall Technical Review) download PDF vid-icon.gif

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