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The Data Storage Systems Center


6,807,033 Magnetic Sensor with Reduced Wing Region Magnetic Sensitivity · USPTO, Google 10/19/2004
6,754,016 Frequency Modulation Pattern for Disk Drive Assembly · USPTO, Google 6/22/2004
6,667,862 Magnetoresistive Read Head Having Permanent Magnet on Top of Magnetoresistive Element · USPTO, Google 12/23/2003
6,649,277 Structure for and Method of Making Magnetic Recording Media · USPTO, Google 11/18/2003
6,596,417 Magnetic Recording Medium · USPTO, Google 7/22/2003
6,594,430 Solid Immersion Lenses for Focusing Collimated Light in the Near-Field Region · USPTO, Google 7/15/2003
6,480,323 Two-Dimensional Beam Scanner · USPTO, Google 11/12/2002
6,476,382 System and Method for Measuring the Size of a Focused Optical Spot · USPTO, Google 11/5/2002
6,438,180 Soft and Hard Sequence Detection in ISI Memory Channels · USPTO, Google 8/20/2002
6,248,416 Highly Oriented Magnetic Thin Films, Recording Media, Transducers, Devices Made Therefrom and Methods of Making · USPTO, Google 6/19/2001
6,201,839 Method and Apparatus for Correlation-Sensitive Adaptive Sequence Detection · USPTO, Google 3/13/2001
6,037,052 Magnetic Thin Film Ferrite Having a Ferrite Underlayer · USPTO, Google 3/14/2000
6,011,664 Techniques for Ultrahigh Density Writing with a Probe on Erasable Magnetic Media · USPTO, Google 1/4/2000
5,970,315 Microelectromechanical Structure and Process of Making Same · USPTO, Google 10/19/1999
5,863,661 Method of Enhancing C-Axis Perpendicular Orientation of Barium Hexaferrite Thin Films and Barium Hexaferrite Thin Film Recording Media Produced Thereby · USPTO, Google 1/26/1999
5,800,931 Magnetic Recording Medium with a MgO Sputter Deposited Seed Layer · USPTO, Google 9/1/1998
5,715,060 Apparatus and Method for Measuring Linear Nanometric Distances Using Evanescent Radiation · USPTO, Google 2/3/1998
5,693,426 Magnetic Recording Medium with B2 Structured Underlayer and a Cobalt-Based Magnetic Layer · USPTO, Google 12/2/1997
5,317,446 Electrooptic Device for Scanning Using Domain Reversed Regions · USPTO, Google 5/24/1994
5,344,706 Magnetic Recording Medium Comprising an Underlayer and a Cobalt Samarium Amorphous Magnetic Layer Having a SmCo5 Crystalline Interface with the Underlayer · USPTO, Google 9/6/1994
4,825,318 Compound Read/Write Element for Rigid Magnetic Disk Files · USPTO, Google 4/25/1989
4,800,457 Magnetoresistive Sensor Element · USPTO, Google 1/24/1989


If you have an interest in licensing any of the intellectual property produced by the DSSC, please contact:

Carl P. B. Mahler, II
Senior Project Manager
Carnegie Mellon University
Innovation Transfer Center
4615 Forbes Avenue
Suite 302
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

Patent Decision Process

The DSSC, CMU, and its affiliates evaluate invention disclosures and their potential as patents according to our decision process. This process gives all interested parties the opportunity to evaluate and pursue patents according to their rights and privileges based on their role within the university or the terms of their relationship with the university.

Arbitration Process

In the event there is a disagreement between the DSSC and the individuals listed as inventors on a disclosure as to whether or not an invention is the result of a DSSC project subject to the DSSC IP policy the arbitration flowchart describes the procedure to resolve such disputes.