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AFM-like CMOS-MEMS Active Probes for Tip Based Nanofabrication


Active AFM-like CMOS-MEMS probes and probe arrays are designed and fabricated, which are applied in scanning probe based surface imaging and nanofabrication. Each active probe is equipped with its own vertical (z) actuation and tunneling current sensing. These features will work together to enable independent control of current and nanoscale height and hence control the geometry and intensity of the FE beam. Integration of sharp Pt tip on active MEMS probes were achieved via two respective process, i.e. Spindt Tip process and Electron Beam Induced Deposition technique (EBID). Gold grains are well resolved using EBID Pt tips on MEMS probes working in environmental STM mode. Nanometer sized features were written using EBID Pt tips on MEMS probes. Thermal actuation of active CMOS-MEMS probes involved in STM imaging is demonstrated.

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Uploaded August 26, 2011
Area Memory - Probe

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