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Data Storage Systems Center



Software for Members

Terms of Use

Access to software on the DSSC software server is made available to DSSC members per terms of their membership agreement.

The DSSC policy is that Affiliate members have access to one of the packages listed below, Sponsoring Affiliate members have access to two of the packages listed below and Associate members have access to all of the packages. In some cases, exceptions to these policies are negotiated to facilitate research interactions.

Available Software Packages

Magnetic Modeling

  1. TMR Head Modeling
  2. Write Head Modeling
  3. PMR Thin Film Media Modeling
  4. Particulate Media Modeling
  5. Virtual Recording System

Optical/Thermal Modeling

  1. FDFD Optical Device Modeling
  2. Thermal Spot Simulator

Channels Modeling

  1. LDPC Code Generation
  2. FPGA for LDPC
  3. Timing Recovery
  4. BPM Signal Processing

Tribology Modeling

  1. CMP Modeling

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