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Novel Fabrication Method for FePt-L10 Based Granular HAMR Media

We have been developing a novel thin film growth process for HAMR media with controlled/enhanced FePt-L10 grain nucleation density on MgO underlayer. Co-sputtering of Au-SiOx on MgO underlayer followed by proper etching, a template of densely packed SiOx nano-craters with controlled pitch distance (<~ 5nm) can be formed. With nano-craters filled by FePt using sputtering at proper conditions, crater-template yields a layer of densely packed L10 ordered FePt grains with well-defined and complete circumferencing SiOx boundaries. This novel film growth method enables the fabrication of FePt-L10 granular HAMR media with grain pitch below 5nm for potential high recording area density capabilities. 

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