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Kerr Magnetometer: Tc-Distribution Measurement

This pump-probe setup enable measurements of magnetization state after the sample is locally heated by the pump-pulse which has a pulse duration of 1 nanosecond. The computerized energy level of the pump pulse allows fine variation of the heating over a significant range. Combined with a tunable external field, the magnetization characteristics of a HAMR media sample can be analyzed over a broad temperature range across Curie temperature. Distribution of Curie temperature is one of the medium characteristics can be obtained from the measurements.

Measurement Setup


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Ref  Z. Dai, H. Li, and J.-G. Zhu, “Measuring Temperature Dependence of Anisotropy Field in Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording Media by Pump–Probe Method” IEEE, Trans. Magn. Vol. 52, No. 7, 3201504 (2016). [Get it]

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