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Iridium Facilitated Spin Hall Perpendicular MTJ Switching

When using spin Hall effect to switching a perpendicularly magnetized magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ), an externally applied magnetic field in the film plane is required. In this research project, a thin iridium layer is inserted between the free layer of the perpendicular MTJ and an in plane magnetized synthetic antiferromagnet. The iridium layer serves a dual purpose: facilitating the spin Hall effect for spin injection and the in plane magnetic coupling for eliminating the need of the external in plane field.

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Field-free Magnetization Switching by Utilizing the Spin Hall Effect and Interlayer Exchange Coupling of Iridium. Y Liu, B Zhou, JGJ Zhu, Nature/Scientific reports 9 (1), 325 [Get it]

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Iridium Enabled Field-free Spin-Orbit Torque Switching of Perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junction Device. Yang Liu. DSSC 2019 Fall Technical Review. [Get it]
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