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Liting (Oscar) Shen

Liting (Oscar) Shen

PhD Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • 336 Roberts Engineering Hall
Address 5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Liting Shen is a PhD student from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and DSSC. His research mainly focuses on in-memory computing using resistive random access memory (RRAM). In modern computers, data computing and data storage take place in processors and memory, respectively. However, the frequent data shuttling between memory and processors induces high latency. To solve the data shuttling problem, he and his colleagues work on building a platform that enables computing to take place in the memory and RRAM devices are the key hardware to the compute-in-memory application. His research interests include modeling, fabrication and testing of RRAM devices and driving circuits design for RRAM.


Research Interests: Modeling, fabrication and testing of RRAM; Driving circuits design for RRAM

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