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West Coast Review a "Resounding Success"

July 11, 2011

More than 70 members of the data storage industry gathered at Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley campus in Moffett Field, Calif., last month for the Data Storage Systems Center's first-ever West Coast Review. While the center holds semiannual reviews at its Pittsburgh campus, the DSSC's directors took the show on the road to make the center's work more accessible to engineers and researchers within its sponsor companies who may not be able to attend reviews in Pittsburgh.

The West Coast Review incorporated much of the information presented at the DSSC Spring Technical Review in Pittsburgh, with a few added highlights. Topics covered in the daylong event included recent developments in heat assisted magnetic recording, bit patterned magnetic recording, microwave assisted magnetic recording, perpendicular magnetic recording, and SSD and memory technology. The event also featured posters on important DSSC student research in the same topics.

Because Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley campus conveniently lies within 30 minutes of multiple DSSC sponsor companies, individuals were able to attend sessions that interested them and easily return to their workplaces or homes without incurring the costs or hassle of travel. An informal breakfast and lunch also gave attendees the opportunity to discuss their research and ongoing DSSC collaborations with the DSSC directors.

"We certainly consider the West Coast Review a resounding success," said DSSC Associate Director James Bain. "The event offered an excellent opportunity for interaction with members of our sponsor companies who may not always have the opportunity to attend our Pittsburgh reviews, but are interested and involved in our research. We look forward to building on the momentum of this review, and finding a way to continue this successful engagement with our sponsors in the future."

That engagement will continue in September, back in Pittsburgh, when the DSSC hosts its annual Fall Technical Review September 27–28 in Roberts Engineering Hall.

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