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Laughlin Earns "Distinguished" Awards

March 26, 2009

David Laughlin, ALCOA Professor of Physical Metallurgy and a professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department, recently earned two awards for distinguished achievements in materials science research and education.

The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society's (TMS) Electronic, Magnetic and Photonic Materials Division honored Laughlin with its Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award, which recognizes an individual for work related to electronic, magnetic and photonic materials science; technological impact; broad, sustained commitment to teaching or mentoring; service to TMS and/or the profession; and impact on government or policymaking bodies. The division held an honorary symposium to commemorate Laughlin's accomplishments at the 2009 TMS Annual Meeting last month.

Laughlin also received recognition from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Department at his alma mater, Drexel University, which selected him for the 2008 Distinguished Alumnus Award. Laughlin received the honor for his "outstanding contributions to the science and practice of materials science and engineering, and to engineering education in materials and related industries."

For more on Laughlin's awards, read the fall issue of Carnegie Mellon's Materials Science and Engineering News.

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