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Hitachi Joins DSSC as Sponsoring Affiliate

October 14, 2008

Hitachi Ltd., has joined the Data Storage Systems Center as a sponsoring affiliate. This relationship with the DSSC will give information storage specialists at Hitachi access to the leading-edge research conducted in the center, while providing the DSSC with financial support to maintain its pioneering efforts in data storage technologies.

"At the DSSC, we rely heavily on our sponsoring affiliates for insight into the needs of industry. This relationship keeps our research relevant, and allows us to design projects focused on the future of data storage," said DSSC Director and ABB Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Jimmy Zhu. "But we don't just take from industry — we consistently give back. Sponsoring affiliates are privy to the pioneering research emerging from our center, which they can use in their own product research and development. The collaboration between industry and academia nurtured in the DSSC is what makes us unique among research groups and has been a vital component of our success for the past 25 years. We welcome Hitachi to the fold, and look forward to a long and productive relationship with them."

Headquartered in Tokyo, Hitachi is a leading global electronics company that offers a wide range of systems, products and services in areas including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products, materials, logistics, and financial services.

Hitachi will receive numerous benefits as part of its relationship with the DSSC. Sponsoring affiliates receive copies of all DSSC research reports before they're published and can use them at their discretion. They also have access to DSSC graduate students — whom they can discuss research problems with or recruit for temporary or permanent positions — and faculty members, who work closely with affiliates to collectively solve the next generation of information storage problems. Hitachi will also receive a license to DSSC intellectual property, and will be invited to serve on the center's advisory board and attend its semiannual technical reviews.

In addition to the member benefits mentioned above, Hitachi's sponsoring affiliate status also allows the company to direct part of its membership fee toward a specific research project. For the next year, scientists and engineers from Hitachi will work with researchers at the DSSC to advance the field of magnetic recording technology. Hitachi will also send a scientist to reside in the DSSC for one year to conduct a joint research project on advanced servo schemes with Mechanical Engineering Professor William Messner.

"We are glad to have the opportunity to work with the people in the DSSC on various advanced recording technologies, such as heat-assisted magnetic recording and microwave-assisted magnetic recording, potentially for future hard disk drives," said Hiroshi Ide, a scientist at Hitachi Central Research Laboratory.

Hitachi joins a growing list of data storage companies working with the DSSC to advance the data storage field. Current affiliates include Fujitsu, Fujitsu Laboratories, Headway Technologies, MagIC Technologies, SAE, Samsung Electronics, Seagate Technology, Showa Denko, TDK, Western Digital, and Williams Advanced Materials.

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