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Data Storage Systems Center



NSF Honors DSSC as Graduated ERC

December 5, 2007

For the past 57 years the National Science Foundation's (NSF) goal has been to "promote the progress of science" and for over two decades they have been doing so with projects like the Engineering Research Centers Program. The ERC Program funds research centers in U.S. Universities, fostering government/industry/university partnerships and strengthening the position of U.S. firms in the world.

This year to honor the ERC's who have completed their full 11 year award, the NSF is creating Poster Collages celebrating the contributions of these centers. The DSSC is among the "graduated" centers and will have a poster in the exhibition. Designed by an NSF consultant in conjunction with the celebrated center, these posters not only reflect the technological advancements made by the participants, but the spirit of the people as well.

Graduated from the ERC program in 2001, the DSSC has become fully self-reliant with substantial industrial research funding and continues to collaborate with industry on novel, innovative research programs and provide the recording industry with well trained researchers.

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