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DSSC Joint Project Toast of IEEE Journal

December 1, 2007

The December 2007 issue of IEEE Transaction on Magnetics features, on the front cover, the results of a joint research project among the Data Storage Systems Center at Carnegie Mellon University, Samsung Information Systems of America (SISA), and Fuji-Electric.

Dr. Carl Che from Samsung, Professor Jimmy Zhu, from DSSC, and Dr. Takahashi from Fuji-E led the project development and a research team that involved people from all three institutions.

Discrete data tracks as narrow as 30 nanometers were fabricated by DSSC graduate student Matthew Moneck on to state-of-the-art perpendicular disk media using electron-beam lithographic technology at DSSC in the Carnegie Mellon Nanofabrication Laboratory.

A recent experimental demo by TDK and Showa Denko on DTM reached an area storage density of 602 Gbits/in2, the highest storage density ever achieved in hard disk drive applications.

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