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Bain Wins Best Poster Award at MORIS Workshop

June 26, 2006

Professor James Bain, Associate Director of the Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC), was awarded one of three best poster awards at the MagnetoOptic Recording International Symposium (MORIS) in Tomiura, Japan, on June 6-8. His poster was entitled "Side-Track Erasure and Wide Magnetic Pole HAMR Write Heads," and was based on his invited talk.

Approximately 20 invited talks were presented at the three-day workshop, which was attended by 120 people from 15 countries and approximately 30 organizations. This was the tenth biannual MORIS conference.

MORIS started 20 years ago when magnetooptic (MO) recording was commercially available. Although MO recording is no longer marketed, the event evolved into a forum on heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), with which it shares a number of technological features.

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