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Data Storage Systems Center



Schlesinger Delivers Nanotechnology Keynote; DSSC Faculty Research Featured

September 23, 2004

ECE Professor T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger, the director of Carnegie Mellon's Data Storage Systems Center, delivered a keynote address at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Integrated Nanosystems: Design, Synthesis & Applications conference in Pasadena, CA this fall. His speech was on "Nanotechnology and Information Storage."

Other ECE affiliated faculty presenting at the event include Mehdi Asheghi, who organized a session on nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) and information storage; Metin Sitti; and James Bain and Jimmy (Jian-Gang) Zhu with their graduate student Li Zhang.

The conference featured advances in devices and systems, nanoscale phenomena, and nanomanufacturing, and included a nanotechnology showcase.

The Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC) is an interdisciplinary research and educational organization within Carnegie Mellon whose mission is to advance information storage technologies.

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