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Data Storage Systems Center



2004–2005 Lunchtime Seminar Series

Date Topic Resources
Heads and Media
04/26/05 Microscopic Composition Measurement at Nanoscale Abstract
04/20/05 Nanofabrication Technique Abstract
04/12/05 E-Beam and Conventional Lithography Abstract
03/15/05 Magnetostriction measurements Abstract
03/01/05 Cryogenic magnetic measurement: SQUID Abstract
02/15/05 Transmission Electron Microscopy: Part II Abstract
02/14/05 Noise in Electronic Systems Abstract
02/08/05 General Concepts in Transmission Electron Microscopy Abstract
02/01/05 Methods for Crystallographic Characterization Abstract
01/25/05 Thin Film Deposition: Chemical Vapor Deposition Abstract
10/20/04 Soft Underlayer in Perpendicular Recording Abstract
10/18/04 Exchange bias materials Abstract
Emerging Technologies
02/03/05 Diamond SILs for Blue-Ray and Beyond Abstract
10/06/04 Single-Electron Memory Abstract
Servos, Channels, and Coding
11/30/04 Digital Control of Repetitive Errors in Disk Drive Systems Abstract
10/13/04 Modeling of Off-track Performance of Magnetoresistive Heads Abstract
10/12/04 Good Vibrations — NOT! Abstract
09/28/04 Multi-sensing Servo with Carriage-Acceleration Feedback for Magnetic Disk Drives Abstract
Optical Recording
11/01/04 Collinear Holography Abstract
10/28/04 Flyable Media for Slider Based Ultra-high Density Optical Recording (FAMOUS) Abstract
10/21/04 Biomolecular Optical Data Storage and Data Encryption Abstract
09/09/04 Optical Overview Abstract

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