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Data Storage Systems Center



2006 Headlines

November 03 Podcast on New MISC IC Center with ECE Department Head
Science and Society
October 21 CMU researchers get $4M for next-generation chips
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
October 19 Carnegie Mellon Awarded Defense Grant To Improve Chip-Making Process for Industry
October 01 DSSC Fall Review Draws Over 100 Participants
August 08 Data Storage Systems Center Hosts Conference Featuring New Technology
August 02 ECE Professors to Present Keynotes at Asia-Pacific Data Storage Conference
June 26 Bain Wins Best Poster Award at MORIS Workshop
March 31 Carnegie Mellon's Data Storage Systems Center Seals Agreement With Singapore Science Lab
DSSC Holds Spring Technical Review
February 20 Charap Chosen for Outstanding Research Award
January 24 DSSC Adds Four Industrial Partners


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