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Data Storage Systems Center



2004 Headlines

November 30 Flash market offers MEMS ray of hope
Small Times
September 23 Schlesinger Delivers Nanotechnology Keynote; DSSC Faculty Research Featured
September 20 DSSC Hosts Fall Technical Review
September 01 Why the Next Big Thing Won't Be Big
Carnegie Mellon University Nanofabrication Facility
Nanotech Briefs
August 27 Digital Pack Rats
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
June 28 Bhagavatula Named Acting Department Head of ECE
June 22 Messner, Zhu, & Student Issued Patent for DSSC Research
June 17 Schlesinger Heads Data Storage Systems Center
June 14 Cars of the future to be assembled atom by atom
Detroit News
June 08 The Storage Story: More, More
BusinessWeek Online
March 03 Start-ups go fabless thanks to Carnegie Mellon's nano-fab
CleanRooms Magazine
February 27 Nano Device Lab Equipped for Region's Tech Startups
January 27 ECE Thanks Professors Neuman & Schlesinger for Service
January 01 Zhu Named First ABB Professor of Engineering


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